GMC Trucks with the 6-Way Multi-Pro Tailgate and Chevy Trucks with the 6-Way Multi-Flex Tailgate have 2 Major Design Flaws. At, We solve Both with Ease

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What vehicle(s) is/are the Override Switch designed to work on?

The Override Switch from is designed to fit and work on any GM’s trucks/vehicles that have either the MultiPro™ Tailgate for GMC or Multi-Flex™ Tailgate for Chevrolet. Currently, the vehicles with this unique tailgate are GMC’s Sierra trucks : (1500, 2500, & 3500 models), as well as, Chevrolet’s Silverado trucks : (1500, 2500, & 3500 models). GM’s newly designed HUMMER is speculated to also be coming out very soon with this tailgate on it as well.

Do I have to order a different model Override Switch depending upon which Truck model I own (1500, 2500, 3500)?

NO. The beauty of our new and improved model of the Override Switch from is that it is a One Size Fits All It works and installs the same on any of the designated trucks whether you have a 2 inch, 2.5 inch, or 3 inch truck receiver size.

Will my warranty be affected by installing this switch?

Since our design doesn’t affect anything more than regulating power to a portion of the tailgate and it does not permanently modify the vehicle in any way and the switch can be easily removed from the truck, then, it should not affect your warranty or any applicable lease
agreements. We have had several discussions with dealerships who confirmed this. We can confirm we have dealerships ordering our product for their customers. Having said that, when purchasing any aftermarket product for a vehicle, the GMC Warranty can be affected
by the installation of any aftermarket product. GMC created this problem issue and has provided a high quality solution to remedy it for all of it’s owners of this GMC truck. We would be very surprised if GMC would ever object to this being installed on these trucks OR would allow the installation of it to effect your Warranty in any way. They have to be delighted that has provided The Fix to this problem.

My adhesive strip seems not be sticking to the receiver strong enough to keep all in proper placement ?

The adhesive strip that we use to adhere the switch to the truck’s receiver is strong Industrial strength 3M product that is designed to adhere to steel or aluminum surfaces and hold very well in climates from -6 degrees to as high as 195 degrees. The main thing is that when the Switch is 1st installed on the truck’s receiver, make sure that do the following : (1) thoroughly clean your truck’s receiver with an alcohol wipe and let dry; (2) IF you are in a colder climate area, use a heat gun or hairdryer to heat up the truck’s receiver surface to approx. 60 degrees; (3) make sure your hands are clean of any dirt or grease; and (4) make sure that once you remove the protective adhesive strip backing that nothing comes in contact with the sticky portion of the adhesive strip until it adheres to the truck’s receiver.  Once it properly adheres to the truck’s receiver, it has a very strong hold and will hold up nicely in basically all types of weather conditions and temperatures. 

My Multi-Pro mid-gate will not open : “All I hear is a click sound when I touch button.”

Some GMC Truck owners with the MultiPro Tailgate may periodically experience an issue with their mid-gate not releasing when the main tailgate is lowered. (ie. when you push the mid-gate button to open it the truck’s back lights blink AND you hear a “click” sound but the mid-gate will not open to drop down.) This is an existing issue that GMC is aware of but it is not something related to or that will be
caused by the installation of our Override Switch.  We suggest that if you are having this issue then you should have GMC look at your truck to correct this issue before installing our Override Switch.

However, After you have installed our Override Switch, if you notice that this issue is periodically occurring, below are (2) options as to how you should be able to circumvent this problem to get the mid-gate to open properly and at the same time be able to verify that the issue is not being caused by our Override Switch and is actually the issue with the truck itself as described above :

1. Remove the hitch and hitch pin from your truck’s receiver. Raise main tailgate to its upright closed position. Then, Press and
Release BOTH buttons on tailgate at the same time. By doing this you should see both the main tailgate and the mid-gate open and lower down at the same time.


2. Remove the hitch and hitch pin from your truck’s receiver. Lower the main tailgate and then lift up just a little bit on the mid-
gate at the same time that you press and release the button to lower the mid-gate. It should now lower as normal and not stay
closed and just produce the“click” sound.


3. Insert hitch and hitch pin back into truck’s receiver with our Override Switch installed. Lower the main tailgate and then press and release the button to lower the mid-gate. The mid-gate should not lower down at this time and you should just see the truck’s tail lights flash and NO click sound should be heard. At this point, if you hear a click sound and see the truck’s tail lights flash and #1 or #2 above worked as described, then, this confirms that our Override Switch is working properly and the issue is with the truck itself as detailed above.

This GMC Multipro Tailgate issue is due to the factory wiring periodically not providing enough power to release the mid-gate and
just results in the truck’s tail lights flashing and you hearing a “Click” sound which indicates that power is getting to the mid-gate but not enough to release the latch to drop down. When our Override Switch is working properly when the switch detects that there is a hitch and hitch pin in the receiver of your truck, when you try to open the mid-gate the mid-gate will NOT open and the truck’s tail lights will flash but there will be NO “click” sound. If you are experiencing this described problem with your GMC truck, with or without our Override Switch installed on your truck, we would suggest that you take your truck to your GMC dealership to resolve this issue.

Here is a link that shows this problem with the mid-gate being discussed by other GMC truck owners who do not yet own our Override Switch :

I installed the Override Switch, but now the Mid-gate will not open as if the Override Switch is not working ? :

If this is occurring, the 1st thing you need to check is the wire connections that you made under the truck. Check to make sure that the blue/white wire connectors that you placed the Override Switch and purple truck wire into have been COMPLETELY Crimped down to make a clear connection to both the wires in each connector. Sometimes, if you do not crimp the blue top on the connectors all the way down with Channel Lock or Slip Lock Pliers to where you feel it click, it will not cut through the wire insulation completely to make a
clear connection. (*) See photo below for an example of one where only one of the blue/white connectors were crimped down properly. You will see the break in the insulation on the “Black” wire but there is no corresponding break in the insulation on the “Red” wire.

Is the Override Switch waterproof and tested against snow and ice ?

Our Splitgate Override Switch ("Switch"), is constructed of strong components designed to be resistant to all exterior weather elements.  The Switch housing and bracket are made of strong anodized aluminum.  The interior components are sealed with liquid rubber to keep all moisture away from internal connections and working parts.  The wiring also has a solid exterior PVC jacket with two PVC insulated interior conductors.  The Switch is connected to the truck’s wiring with full moisture-proof silicone-filled enclosed connectors all together designed to help keep moisture and temperature from affecting reliability.

SEE PHOTO: Inside Switch Box showing filled with a liquid Rubber Sealant to keep ALL moisture out :

What size hitch pin should I use with my AUTOMATIC model Splitgate Override Switch?

The Automatic model of our Splitgate Override Switch is designed for a 5/8” diameter hitch pin.  You cannot use a smaller 1/2” diameter hitch pin. 

Required hitch pin size: 

  • Trucks with a 2” receiver size require a minimum 3.5” inch long hitch pin
  • Trucks with a 2.5” receiver size require a minimum 4.0” inch long hitch pin
  • Trucks with a 3” receiver size require a minimum 4.5” inch long hitch pin.

The key is having the correct usable length hitch pin. If you ever run into a problem, just purchase a hitch pin that has a minimum 4.5” useable length . However, ALWAYS use a hitch pin that is 5/8” in diameter.


Our Splitgate Override Switch is the BEST option to fix both the MultiPro and MultiFlex Tailgate issues for the following reasons:

  • Ease of Installation - TailgateFix’s Override Switch can be installed by anyone and takes merely MINUTES to install  -vs-  competitor’s model is complicated and could take a novice person HOURS to install;
  • Small Design Style - TailgateFix’s Override Switch has a sleek design and is installed on truck’s receiver in a way that makes it blend in with truck and is hardly noticeable  -vs- competitor’s model is bulky and its placement and design may cause ease of use issues with truck’s receiver hitch;
  • Solid Construction - TailgateFix’s Override Switch is made from a strong black anodized aluminum (not plastic) and the interior switch components are further protected by a liquid rubber sealant making it rust proof and waterproof  -vs-  competitor’s model that is made of PLASTIC construction with moving parts that can break, rust and may not withstand extreme weather and use conditions;
  • One Size Fits All - TailgateFix offers simplicity in our one-size-fits-all design for both our AUTO and MANUAL Override Switches no matter what size receiver you have -vs- the competitor’s model which is limited, confusing,  and requires a different price and size switch model depending upon the size of your truck’s receiver. 


Will my Override Switch work if I insert my hitch pin into the truck’s receiver (from either direction) ?

Answer is : Yes & No. Hitch Pin can be inserted from either direction (left-to-right  or right-to-left) thru the truck’s receiver, as long as your hitch pin has the correct usable length as defined herein and it is a straight pin type. Your hitch pin must be the correct length as detailed in these installation instructions.  Also, if you are using a standard hitch pin with a hooked end (locking or with cotter key), then we recommend that you always insert the hitch pin in from Left-to-Right to make sure that the Override Switch clearly can detect that the hitch is installed.  Therefore, all straight hitch pins (locking or standard) without a hooked end can be installed either from Right-to-Left or Left-to-Right but any hitch pin with a hooked end must be installed from Left-to-Right with a hooked end on the opposite side of the truck’s receiver from the Override Switch. Bottom line, for guaranteed accuracy of use, we recommend you insert the pin into the receiver from Left-to-Right.

The key is having the correct usable length hitch pin. If you ever run into a problem, just purchase a hitch pin that has a minimum 4.5” useable length . However, ALWAYS use a hitch pin that is 5/8” in diameter.

What is the button on the Automatic Override Switch for?

The button makes contact with your hitch pin and is then able to detect whether you have a hitch in your truck's receiver or not. When you insert the hitch pin (locking pin or standard hook shaped pin with cotter key pin lock) into your receiver, the hitch pin will make contact with the outside edge of the Override Switch as it slides into place. Once this contact is made the switch detects that there is a hitch or other object apparatus installed in the truck’s receiver and thereby cuts the power off to the mid-gate portion of the MultiPro or Multi-Flex Tailgate in order to automatically protect your tailgate from damage.  Once the hitch and hitch pin are removed, the power is resumed to the mid-gate portion of the MultiPro or Multi-Flex Tailgate as it was before installing the hitch in the receiver of the truck.  

Manual Override Switch: When button is pushed to activate it does it stay activated until pressed again?

Push the button to turn the power off. It will stay off until you push it again to turn it back on. The idea is when you kneel down to put your hitch in the truck’s receiver, you are already down there, so press the switch button to turn power off to the mid-gate. Leave it off until you kneel back down to take the hitch out of the truck’s receiver and then push the button to turn power to mid-gate back on again.

B&W Tow-n-Stow Hitch : Is the B&W Tow-N-Stow Hitch a real Fix to this MultiPro Tailgate issue ?

The answer is NO.  This B&W Tow-N-Stow Hitch is a nice, well made hitch, BUT it DOES NOT FIX this problem, it only MASKS it.  Meaning that the only thing this B&W Tow-N-Stow Hitch does is allows you to leave the hitch in the receiver of the truck BUT in order to do that and for the MultiPro or Multi-Flex Tailgate not to hit the hitch when tailgate is lowered is for operator to completely MOVE the hitch ball assembly of the hitch, down and under the truck.  In order to do that you have to remove, not one, but TWO hitch pins, then slide the entire hitch assembly down and back under the truck, then re-install these TWO hitch pins back into the hitch.  Then, and only then, will the MultiPro or Multi-Flex Tailgate no longer hit the hitch if it is lowered.  This does NOT solve the problem as you still have to remember that you have this hitch in your truck’s receiver and if you do, then it still requires action from you to get this B&W hitch out of the way each time, no different than if you had a regular hitch.  As a matter of fact, a regular hitch is much easier, lighter, and simpler to move than this B&W Tow-n-Stow Hitch.  Bottomline, the B&W Tow-N-Stow hitch is a nice, well made hitch but it is expensive (at over $300) and it does NOT fix this problem.  It’s a nice hitch but you STILL need our Switch!!!   The Only exception to the above description is IF you have a lifted 2500 or 3500 series truck with the MultiPro or Multi-Flex Tailgate and a 2.5” receiver size, then, if you leave this B&W hitch ball assembly in the in-use position and in the lowest drop setting it will not hit the hitch ball in receiver BUT if you have a 1500 series truck with 2” receiver size the B&W hitch will hit the tailgate unless ball assembly is moved under truck as described above.   Therefore, We recommend that IF you have this B&W hitch that you also install our Override Switch on your truck so that our Override Switch will automatically protect your tailgate and you can enjoy this B&W hitch as well without you having to do anything.

Would a pinless locking style ball mount engage the switch properly?

No, it would not engage our Switch to detect whether a hitch was in the receiver or not. The internal pin on this hitch does not extend outside of the receiver hole far enough to engage the detection ability of our Override Switch. Also, this hitch will not work on the GMC MultiPro™ Tailgate as it will hit and do more damage to this tailgate than a standard hitch & ball would. It is advised not to use this style hitch at all on trucks with the MultiPro™ Tailgate for GMC or Multi-Flex™ Tailgate for Chevrolet.


Yes, we have recently improved the design of our product and we just finished updating all of our pictures on the website to reflect the new design.   

The new and improved design is only for the bracket (now larger than before) which is made from 100% anodized aluminum. The electrical components inside the housing are the exact same as well and protected by a waterproof sealant that has been thoroughly tested. The redesign was simply to create a better customer experience during installation by making it one-size-fits-all (no longer dependent on the truck model). 

The increased 2x2 surface mounting area allows for more space to adhere to the receiver creating a stronger bond. We use a special 3M industrial-strength adhesive strip that has been proven to hold up very nicely in most climate areas and weather conditions. 


I’m concerned about the adhesive strip holding up under extreme temperatures and climates

We have been selling our products since 2019 all over the US and Canada and have had zero issues with the adhesive strip holding up providing it adhered properly during installation.  We use a strong industrial strength 3M product that is designed to adhere to steel or aluminum surfaces and hold very well in climates from -50 degrees to as high as +250 degrees.  With the new increased size offering more surface area when adhering the switch to the receiver, this can only provide a stronger bond than before.  Furthermore, for those customers that just may want additional security for peace of mind purposes, if you have the capability you can always place a very small tack weld in one spot to further adhere Override Switch to the receiver.  



What if the Override Switch fails and causes a dent in my tailgate?

This is not likely to ever occur as we have designed our switch so that, if properly installed, and in the event the Override Switch fails to work it will actually default to cutting the power off to the midgate section of the tailgate so it cannot be lowered to allow damage to the tailgate.  The only way a perceived failure like this could occur is if the user were not using the proper sized hitch pin OR are using a hooked hitch pin and have inserted the pin into the truck’s receiver from Right-to-Left, rather than from Left-to-Right as directed, causing the hitch pin to lose connection with our Override Switch.  See our full instructions explaining the correct hitch pins to use.



(*) If All these Installation Instructions and points included in these FAQs above are not properly followed, we,, will not be held liable or responsible for any damage this may cause.

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