GMC Trucks with the 6-Way Multi-Pro Tailgate and Chevy Trucks with the 6-Way Multi-Flex Tailgate have 2 Major Design Flaws. At, We solve Both with Ease.

Home of the Only U.S. Patent Approved (U.S. PATENT # 11,161,555.)

No Splice Plug-n-Play Splitgate Override Switch & Load Stop Lock

Solve Both Flaws With GMC Trucks with 6-Way MultiPro Tailgate or Chevy Trucks with 6-Way Multi-Flex Tailgate With Our 2 Solutions!

One Size Fits All GMC and Chevy Truck Models!

GMC Trucks with 6-Way MultiPro Tailgate and Chevy Trucks with 6-Way Multi-Flex Tailgate


No Splice Plug-n-Play Splitgate Override Switch

(U.S. PATENT # 11,161,555.)

Solution #1

Prevent damage to your tailgate!

GMC Trucks with 6-Way Multi-Pro Tailgate and Chevy Trucks with 6-Way Multi-Flex Tailgate



Load Stop Lock

Solution #2

Prevent items in truck bed from sliding out into traffic!

The Tailgate Fix Advantages


One Size Fits All Trucks With MultiPro (GMC) and Multi-Flex (Chevy) Tailgates

Plug-n-Play - No Splice - Installation With Step by Step Video Instructions

Sleek Industrial Grade Design - Not Bulky!


Small Size Blends in With Truck

Solid, Anodized Aluminum Construction with No Plastic Moving Parts to Break

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What Our Customers Have to Say

Such a great company!!! Very trustworthy product. I got my husband the splitgate override switch – automatic model for his 1500 GMC truck and he LOVES it. Highly recommend!

Paige Newman

This is a great product. I don’t have to worry about denting my tailgate anymore. Easy install and works like a charm.

Tyler Newman

TailgateFix is an amazing product that solves the problem of opening your tailgate without denting or scratching it against the tailgate hitch! Great product that gets the job done and gives you what you paid for. Jim and Mike are customer oriented and easy to work with. Will definitely recommend!

Katelyn Clifton

We have a truck and every time we would go to hook anything to the truck we had to worry about damage to the tailgate. Thanks to Jim and Mike we no longer have to worry about damage to the tailgate thanks to the Tailgate Fix. Customer service was great! They were able to promptly answer questions we had. Highly recommend this product and company!

Courtney Banks

I’ve seen first hand how much time and effort that has been put into this product. It works exactly as advertised and I do not have to worry about the trailer hitch hitting the split gate when pin/hitch is installed. Switch is worth its weight in gold. Highly recommend.

Jesse Gates

If you own a GMC truck, you need this.

Mark Boumenot

The only total fix for a really frustrating problem with a great GMC truck!

Glenn Chesnutt

Bought a new sierra, worried about the tailgate hitting the hitch, I even told my wife on the way home I cant believe there isn’t a switch that keeps you from mashing the high dollar tailgate, next day I found Tailgate Fix bought it easy install works as expected so far, nice piece

Brett Irwin

2 Thumbs up!!! I purchased the auto unit. Very easy installation and the unit works perfectly. Every time I come across a GMC split gate I tell the driver to look you guys up and buy a unit.

Ray Hughes

Excellent product, easy install, works amazing. They offer amazing support if needed, following up with customer to make sure everything is good! What else could someone ever want from a company?!!

Paul Bazinet

Great product for multi pro tailgate. Installed the Tailgate Fix last week on my 2019 GMC AT4 and has worked perfectly. Now I do not have to worry about lowering the second level tailgate into the ball of the hitch. Great addition to give you peace of mind! Great product!

Leigh A.

Make sure you have the pin in the receiver when you install it.

James M.

Wow, what a great fix! I tend to forget when the hitch is in and I know I would have damaged the tailgate without this.

Michael Sova

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!

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