At Tailgate Fix, we solve GM’s 2 major flaws with the MultiPro Tailgate on GMC Trucks and the Multi-Flex Tailgate on Chevy Trucks.


Flaw and Solution #1

The design issue of GM’s new 6-Way Multipro Tailgate and Multi-Flex Tailgate is the midgate drops to a 90-degree angle which allows it to come into full contact with the ball hitch resulting in scratching the paint, denting the tailgate, or worse… damaging the electronics and back-up camera in the plastic tailgate handle. This problem is widely known by truck owners, Chevrolet, and GMC alike through the display of a warning sticker on the tailgate.

Who wants to have to remember not to lower the mid-gate when using the hitch? Hit that remote tailgate button with a hitch in the receiver and BAM, you now have damage! GMC and Chevy Trucks have the same tailgate design issue.

Luckily, we have solved this problem with our Splitgate Override Switch! With two options available, both the Auto Engage and Manual Engage versions to allow the luxury of never having to worry again about lowering the tailgate by accident! Once installed, The Switch recognizes the potential for damage and automatically cuts the power to the mid-gate step function.

The Switch provides the best of both worlds with the ability to automatically or manually turn off the power.

No more worries when your wife or buddy borrows your truck for fear the tailgate will be lowered by accident and cause damage! And, YES! You can still display decorative receiver covers representing your favorite sports team using the Manual Engage version!

The Switch will auto-proof this widely known GMC 6-Way Multipro tailgate and Chevy Multi-Flex tailgate issue and remove ALL THE RISK and DANGER. You might remember not to lower the tailgate while your hitch is inserted… but your buddy might not! Think about that for just a moment… OUR product FIXES the problem that GM engineers seemed to miss.

  • Easy Plug & Play, NO SPLICE Installation
  • No Plastic Moving Parts to Break
  • Sleak Design Made Of Strong Anodized Aluminum
  • One Size Fits All

Protect your beautiful new truck by getting your Splitgate Override Switch TODAY!

Flaw and Solution #2

The FIX is in for the 2nd problem with the new GMC MULTIPRO and CHEVY MULTI-FLEX Tailgate!


The “LOAD STOP” function of the GMC MultiPro Tailgate and Chevy Multi-Flex Tailgate has a design flaw: it does NOT lock open!! The whole purpose of the LOAD STOP gate on the GMC MultiPro Tailgate and Chevy Multi-Flex Tailgate is that you can raise it and it will keep anything you have stored in your truck’s bed from rolling or sliding out of the back of the truck while the truck is in motion. It allows you to make use of the entire truck’s bed, including the length of the tailgate. However, when you raise the LOAD STOP gate, it does NOT lock into place. If you have items stored in the back of the truck (ie. Motorcycle, 4-wheeler, building materials, etc.) and have to come to a sudden stop while driving OR you run into some bumps in the road, the “Load Stop” can and does very easily FALL DOWN into the closed position. If this occurs while driving, you will have no idea it has occurred and your items could go sliding right out the back of your truck and into oncoming traffic. YIKES !!!


The “LOAD STOP LOCK”, from! Only takes about 1 minute to Install. Once the Load Stop Lock is in place, you will NEVER have to worry again about the Load Stop gate falling down and putting you at risk. Opening the Load Stop gate automatically LOCKS the gate into the open position and it cannot fall down. When you want to close the Load Stop, simply push on the “Press” tab button to unlock and the Load Stop folds down into the closed position. It’s as simple and easy as that.

Watch the video of the PROBLEM and our FIX here: